Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) CEO Summit and Hall of Fame Dinner 2013

A few weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) CEO Summit in Palos Verdes, California, I had the opportunity to witness a fireside chat between Gary Shapiro and John Rubenstein.  Listening to Gary Shapiro interview John Rubenstein about the early days of developing the iPod with Steve Jobs reminded me of what it might be like listening to Paul McCartney talk about how it was creating music with John Lennon. After all these were the guys that gave rise to a new category of music player that we didn’t know we needed, but once we discovered it,  we couldn’t live without it.

I have attended many CEO Summit’s over the years, this being my 6th , and each year they seem to get better and better. I’m proud to be associated with an Industry that includes some of the most humble people you will ever meet.  In fact a few days before the CEO Summit at the Hall of Fame Dinner, we had a chance to honor some of the luminaries of the Industry.

Gary Burrell and Dr. Min-Hwan Kao, Co-Founders of Garmin, Katsuhiko Machida and Mikio Katayma, pioneers of large screen LCD technology development at Sharp,  Pierre Omidyar, Founder of E-Bay, Dr. Ching Tang and Steven Van Slyke, Co-Inventors of OLED, Dr. Samar Basu, Inventor of the lithium-ion battery,  and Dr. Marcian (Ted) Hoff, Father of the Microprocessor. Imagine being in the same room with the guys that invented the lithium ion battery and the microprocessor!  I’m not sure what the list will look like for next year’s CEO Summit and Hall of Fame Dinner, but if trends continue, it will be kind of like Moore’s Law, packing in twice as much horsepower than the year before with people who have literally changed the world for the better.