Intel Capital Global Summit 2013

The Intel Capital Global Summit is to Venture Capital what Woodstock is to the Music Industry.  This was my first time attending the event with more than 1,000 CEOs, business executives, thought leaders and industry influencers from around the world. Over a two day period I had an opportunity to personally meet with 20 CEOs of Intel portfolio Companies using a 15 minute speed dating format.  These are Companies that Intel has performed due diligence on and scrubbed thoroughly prior to investment.  In addition I had an opportunity to meet with 3 Syndicate Investment Partners that Co-Invest alongside Intel and 3 Managing Directors at Intel that make investments in Cloud Computing, Security, and Wearable Technology.  I have done speed dating events in the past, but Intel has perfected the approach using a clever scheduling tool that lets you schedule meetings in advance while seamlessly moving from one table to another in close proximity.  All in all it was one of the most effective uses of my time at a networking business event.  Great job Intel Capital!