The Team

invisionateGeorge Stepancich  is the CEO and Founder of Invisionate, LLC where business development meets venture capital. Invisionate appears in the top 10 on an organic search under Google for “venture capital consultant”. The firm connects high growth Companies seeking to increase revenue and raise capital with strategic partners and investors. He is an executive with broad experience in Venture Capital Consulting, International Business Development, Strategy Planning, Partner Alliance, M&A Due Diligence, Research, Consumer Technology, Cloud Computing, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Distribution, Product Development, Global Sourcing, Technology, Licensing, Manufacturing, Operations, Finance, and Board of Directors.

Previously, he ran GoldLantern, LLC, a Consumer Electronics Company and was the chief architect of vision and strategy for a start up venture funded by Goldman Sachs. Prior to that Stepancich was Director of Business Development for the Telecom division of Siemens AG that generated $2 billion in sales. Mr. Stepancich joined Siemens from NETCOM an Internet Service Provider which was acquired for $256 million. Before that he developed and directed GTE’s Internet Services strategy and served as Associate Director of Telecommunications for the University of California at San Diego.

Mr. Stepancich received a BA degree in Business from Cal State Long Beach and attended courses from faculty and staff associated with Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Yale. Mr. Stepancich is a past and present member of the CEA Consumer Electronics Association Executive Board of Directors, Board of Industry Leaders, and Foundation.

Rich Geruson is an Advisory Board member and served as Senior Vice President at Nokia Mobile Phones in the Americas. During this time, Nokia approximately doubled volume, revenue and profitability every year. Market share more than tripled and spontaneous brand awareness increased seven fold.  Mr. Geruson holds three graduate degrees from Oxford University including a Doctoral Degree. He was also a faculty member and a student at Harvard Business School where he completed the research for the highly regarded book he has authored: A Theory of Market Strategy, published by Oxford University Press.

Bruce Crair is an Advisory Board member and has demonstrated success in developing rapid growth, customer centric telecommunications organizations. Formerly, he was President of Sprint PCS/Cox Communications PCS, L.P. where he successfully built the wireless voice communications company from inception to a leadership position in the PCS/cellular market. During his three years overseeing the business, revenues grew to over $200 million per year.  Crair has a BS in Physics from the U.S. Naval Academy and a MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Ron Gerace is an Advisory Board member and an experienced Merchandiser and Business Development professional. As Vice President of Merchandising Services and Partnership Development for Staples. Mr. Gerace established vision, identified partners and negotiated deals ranging from co-branding to multi-million dollar strategic investments.  Mr. Gerace also developed pricing strategies for retail store, mail order business and e-commerce units.

Arthur Lipper is an Advisory Board member and an Investment Banker, Financier, Management Consultant, Author and Lecturer who has been affiliated with the international financial community for most of his career. His Stock and Commodity Exchange memberships have included: NYSE, American, Midwest, Pacific Coast, Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Bangkok, NY Comex and NY Futures Exchange. He has served as advisor to: Mid-America Commodity Exchange and Bourse de Beyrouth. He was the founder and CEO of Arthur Lipper Corporation where he developed the LIPPER Mutual Fund Performance Analysis service and is the co-founder and Chairman of New York & Foreign Securities Corporation. Mr. Lipper also serves as President of Communications Management Associates and is presently serving as an Officer, Director or Advisor to 22 companies.

Michael J. Petersen is and Advisory Board member and a creative problem-solving and deal-making businessman and lawyer. Mr. Petersen has a proven record of success in transactions, intellectual property, commercial real estate, management, financing and franchising. Mr. Petersen also crafted complex software licenses and intellectual property agreements with key strategic partners.  Prior to that, Mr. Petersen was Vice President/Assistant General Counsel for Prudential Real Estate Affiliates where he negotiated corporate financing structures including mergers and acquisitions.